Symbiosis Centre for Corporate Education, Pune and Tata Motors had arranged for the Online Diploma Distribution Ceremony for Tata Motors Batch I, Jamshedpur and Tata Motors Batch II, Puneon 21st December 2020.

Dr VidyaYeravdekar, Pro-Chancellor, SIU & Principal Director, Symbiosis Society; Dr Seema Singh, Director, SCCE, Pune of Symbiosis; and Mr Ravindra Kumar, CHRO; Mr AjoyLall, VP-CVBU Operations; Mr Mukund Vyas, Head – Executive & Talent Development; Mr Rajesh Khatri, VP-PVBU Operations; Mr Jaladhi Thakkar, GM – L & D; Plant Heads, Mr Vishal Badshah (Jamshedpur), Mr Jaydeep Desai (Pune PV) & Neeraj Agrawal (Sanand); Mr Biswaroop Mukherjee, Head HR - CVBU; Mr SitaramKandi from Tata Motorsgraced the ceremony along with 89 participants were present virtually.

Mr Ravindra Kumar welcomed Dr VidyaYeravdekar. Dr VidyaYeravdekarand shared her valuable thoughts. During her speech she mentioned,“there are two important days for students, 1st day of the program and the other one of graduation day. Online learning has facilitated us to take up new courses and upgrade ourselves for betterment and there is no age bar for upgrading the knowledge. The knowledge imparted by upgrading should be applied for the betterment of the organization. She supports the various online education platforms which are useful during this pandemic situation.”She also spoke about Dr Seema Singh as an effective leader and appreciated her connect with the students. She also thanked the Tata Motors HR for allowing to conduct such kind of program for their employee.

Dr Seema Singh, Director, SCCE, Pune addressed and congratulated 89 participants. She also declared toppers of both the batches. She mentioned about the only lady participant from the batches and shared her fond memories with the participants during the journey of 2 years. She also talked about the Tata Motors management to do such program for their employees.

Eminent personalities like MrRavindra Kumar, Mr AjoyLall, Mr Mukund Vyas, Mr Rajesh Khatri expressed their view on successful completion of the course by the participants.

Mr Jaladhi Thakkarfrom Tata Motors hosted the online event.

Plant Heads, Mr Vishal Badshah, Mr Jaydeep Desai & Neeraj Agrawal expressed their appreciation for the participants for completing the course despite various tasks and responsibilities at workplace.

Mr Deepak Kumar, a participant of Tata Motors Batch I, Jamshedpur shared his thoughts with everybody and Mr SulakshanMandke from Tata Motors Batch II, Pune shared his feelings regarding their journey of two years. They also shared a video of the memories.

Team SCCE, Pune shared a lovely video depicting the 2 years journey of the participants of Tata Motors batches.

Various senior leaders like Mr Biswaroop Mukherjee, Mr Rajesh Kaul, Mr RT Wasan, Mr Anand Kulkarni, Mr Visha Khosla, MrAniruddha Kulkarni, Mr T N Umamaheshwari, Mr J Satbhawan etc. from different businesses congratulated the participants of both the batches for successfully completing the course.

The ceremony was concluded by vote of thanks by Mr SitaramKandi from Tata Motors.